Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Morning

This Easter was an interesting one! We got back from AR Thursday night, woke up Fri. morning to go to St. George had a puking kid (Hailey) by Fri. night (fam not happy with me!) was supposed to do an Easter egg hunt and play on Sat. but gave up and went home Sat. morning when we had kid #2 throwing up (Trey) who barfed the whole way home! So Easter morning was a mix of am I really feeling better? yes I am. No, wait I'm not! But we ended up having a nice day. We are so thankful for our Savior and we were able to appreciate the reason why we celebrate!!

Oh the excitement!! (notice the clothes still not unpacked in the back ground?? or maybe I should say ignore the clothes!!!)

enjoying the spoils.....

All in all a great day. And I apologize to my family for getting everyone sick!!

Birthday Celebrations

My sister-in-law Jenny and her daughter Casidy share the same b-day on April 10th. They were down visiting in St. George from northern UT so we all got together at my brother Shane's house. Good times, good memories!

What a good lookin group!! :) My brothers Jason and Shane and my sister Marianne

Hailey and her cousin Erin ( Shane's oldest)

My daddy my best buddy!

I love my man :)

Hanging out at the house.....

Trey Hangin out with Uncle Stacey (Chris' older bro) and Aunt Keri....
The Thomas cousins.....Karoline (Stacey and Keri's daughter), Hailey, Tanner, and Trey

Playing at the park

Trey and his cousin Karoline at the park by Nanny's house.

This is Chris' dads boat that he keeps in the back yard and takes out fishing on the river. Trey thought it was the coolest thing ever and put there especially for him!! He would spend forever out there climbing in sitting down saying woohoo and then climbing back out and starting all over again.....

In out, In out....

Busy little boy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here we are just hanging out. These are the first pics we took with our new camera. Our old camera had got broken (Tanner) and I realized while we were at Georgia and Houston's that we didn't have pics to take home, so Chris and I hurried to buy a camera before we left. All of our pictures are of the last 2 days. Needless to say we had to recreate a lot of memories from earlier in the week!

Spring Break

We had the opportunity to spend our spring break in Arkansas at Chris' parents house. I am so thankful that my kids have a place like this! They have so much fun fishing, playing outside, riding four wheelers, catching bugs, you name it if it can be done outside they get to do it!! They love spending time there and I love them to be able to. I will try to get all of the pics up from our vacation in next few days ( I know nanny will be excited to see them). Hopefully I will be able to get caught up with everything else too! There will probably be a ton of random posts :)